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Never seen before
Therm app mods

2016 Kit designs
Use our parts & our ideas
          To build your own
+ Day & Night Hunting gear
T & C
Survival gear
Night vision
Flip scopes
Different colours &
Have a look at our gallery pictures and read our notes, some of it will guide you into what we do.
Any pictures that interest you just hover over them to reveal more.
Check out our new design night vision scopes, the DL Compact as pictured above with its internal batteries, 12x mag and adjustable turrets, so you have 2 types of ways to zero. We also have a ranger version with a rangefinder built on top, so never miss again !
Keeping close to the original Elcan was harder than it looks, small internal space to fit everything!
We inspected/tested every part & took our time to produce the proto-type, We will maintain that ideology.
Every circuit installed is shock proofed, this also protects the parts from the elements.
This is our new therm app vehicle mount with 360 degree turn and elevation, magnetically fitted to your vehicle, roof or bonnet. All you have to do is plug in your phone or tablet and see the world in a different light.
During customisation we will keep you the customer updated on it’s development, not every day though!
We even have Thermal gear here and this little therm app comes with a weapon mount so not just a spotter !
Some of our shock proofing ideas revolutionized night vision building for the big guns !!!
Keeping things simple was the way forward with our DL compact. So no charging needed, just swap batteries when needed.
We produced the therm app helmet proto-type to see if we could make a holographic thermal display that sits just in front of your vision, thus over lapping your normal view of the world. It works far better than expected !
This is how the EDNV can look with an IR torch attached, its not much bigger than the T20 torch itself !
The possibilities are endless with reticule design, we will design one initially for you, feeling confident...... then do it yourself ?  

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