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Therm-App | Android Thermal Imaging Camera, with 25Hz & 35mm lens ( This is the first for UK )
25Hz is hard to get hold of in the UK due to import regulations, so these are unique here. In 35mm as well so the best of the therm app range !!!

This unit is sold with a handle ( to hold the unit as a spotter and thermology testing ) a 35mm lens ( best magnification in the therm app range ) a modified weapon mount ( this is great for mounting on your rifle for hunting, see video's ) a neoprene cover to protect the unit when not in use and a Holographic helmet (to give you a picture in picture view of the world with a thermal overlay). The vehicle mounting system is also new and enables you to mount the Them-app on your vehicle, it has near 360 rotation and a remote, so just plug in an android device and go hunting from the comfort of your vehicle. No other place in the UK is selling a kit like these in 25Hz as they are hard to import due to import restrictions, if you are the lucky one to purchase this, you will not be permitted to take it out the country due to ITAR regulations. UK only imports the 9Hz version and is no good for hunting as a little slow on frame rate, this 25Hz one has high frame rate so the picture is instant and smooth. This was brought into the country under special licence so if purchased the owner will be one of the only people in the country to own one !
Watch our youtube video’s for a better understanding of all the kit sold.
Please go to our shop for more specifications and or to buy this system with all the gear shown.
New proto-type Therm
App helmet for free !
This last video is of the Proto-type Therm app holographic helmet.
Therm app weapon mount
 for free in this multi pack !
New proto-type Therm
App vehicle near 360 deg
Remote control unit 
Also for for free, if you purchase
The therm app from us!
All this for